Congratulations, Dr. Diskin!

The road to becoming a full tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania is a long one, and rightfully so! Recently, Dr. Diskin completed a major milestone on that road and has been promoted to Associate Professor of Pediatrics, with tenure. This has been an arduous journey, with many levels of achievement within, and speaks to her amazing capacities as a leader, a mentor, and a researcher.

Promotion is based on so many aspects of work, including reviews of teaching style, grant funding, publications, and many more. There are many reviews from your peers, from outside consultants, and from your team members, current and former. We here all know how amazing Dr. Diskin is and while we all had faith this would happen, it’s great to see her recognized for the stupendous leader she is. She encourages work-life balance while still fostering excellence. Sharon leads in a manner that drives us all to be better, to work harder, and to innovate to find answers. We are blessed to be members of her team, and we’re so proud of this accomplishment. It is so well deserved!

Congratulations, Sharon! We are so inspired by you! Not even a global pandemic could keep this from happening!